Meet Jess!

The Organizer You Can Trust​ Who Loves Sharing Her Passion with Others


Organizing comes natural to me. I was always that little girl rearranging her room and searching for new things to organize around the house. This trait only intensified as I grew older, so after friends & family were constantly asking me to help them do their homes, I decided to become a professional organizer! I have always had an eye for order and I see potential in every room. I strive to create functional and beautiful spaces that my clients can maintain. I believe that the secret to a peaceful life is an organized & welcoming home. My joy comes from sharing this love with others and helping to create simplified lives, just by tidying up your space.

Born & raised in Orange County, CA, I completed my business marketing degree from Cal State Fullerton and competed on the Equestrian Team while in college. When I'm not finding spaces to rearrange & organize, you can find me cuddling & playing with my puppy, with my nose in a book, or binge watching True Crime shows. I can't wait for you to join the Tidy Up by Jess family!



Owner of Tidy Up by Jess