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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Professional Organizer

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

If you needed a new roof on your house, you would hire an expert roofing company, right? Same thing goes for organizing your home! Do this project the right way, with the expertise of someone who has already been through the trial & errors. Get out of feeling stuck and let a pro streamline the process, so you can get to the part where you enjoy a calm & stress free environment in your most cherished spaces.

1. Saves valuable time

Stop spending your days off trying to rearrange your garage for the seventeenth time. Leave it to the professionals who will gladly spend a sunny Saturday doing it for you! Allowing an expert into your home makes the process streamlined and stress-free. Most professional organizers have repeated these same processes over and over. This allows us to know exactly what steps to take and what products to buy to create your organized sanctuary. Imagine how much time you would save during a busy morning if you knew exactly where the clothes you wanted to wear were folded & what drawer your new makeup brushes were in, where the kids' favorite snacks for lunch are placed in the pantry & where that paper you signed for school was, where the dog's leash is hanging in the garage & what shelf the sports equipment was on for practice later. A professional organizer can help you achieve this!

2. Organizing product knowledge

Did you know there are specific containers for holding batteries? Or have you seen the tea bag carousel? Ok, so maybe you won't need these exact products, but there are definitely some pretty helpful containers on the market these days. Hiring a professional organizer comes with extensive product knowledge like this. We sure love a good container and have seen or tried them all! Not every organizing project requires product though. However, certain products can make spaces a million times more functional. Organizing products help give items a designated "home", which makes it easier to put things away, which keeps your spaces organized in the long-run. Specialized products such as baskets, plastic containers, lazy susans, shelf risers and drawer organizers can help you to keep spaces maintained & can give it a certain aesthetic look. We are able to recommend the best ones for you and your spaces based on your needs. Let us bring our knowledge into your home and suggest the perfect products that will allow your space to shine & evovle throughout the years.

3. Labels, Labels, Labels!

Now I'm not talking throwing a useless label on your trash can that says "Trash Can". I'm talking about carefully categorizing like items, giving them an appropriate home, then finalizing the process with a beautifully crafted label showing exactly what is inside. High-quality labels add that finishing touch to an organizing project. A professional organizer will personalize labels to suit your space and your lifestyle.

4. Emotional guidance

Decluttering requires a lot of decision making, which can be emotionally draining. Whether it's bringing up the past going through keepsakes, downsizing your children's old toys, or donating clothes that no longer fit. Having someone with you not only makes this daunting task feel quicker, but it makes the decisions feel easier. We, as professional organizers, have no personal attachment to your stuff, so it is easier for us to make rational decluttering decisions. There is never any judgement, because we have truly seen it all! An organizer will give you direction & guidance and coach you through the process of decluttering & purging your home. It feels less overwhelming when you are not alone. Clear your mind by clearing your clutter.

5. Fresh Perspective

Sometimes having a fresh set of eyes is all you need to spruce up your space. An eye for detail & spacial planning is what professional organizers specialize in. We see things differently; and by differently I mean we figure out how to take a pile of clothes and transform it into an organizing masterpiece. Organizing can sometimes feel like a game of Tetris - figuring out exactly how & where things fit just right.


Organizing is a necessity - not a luxury. You can take care of life while we work our magic & be surprised with a beautifully organized space. This allows you to do the things that truly matter, while we can get to our passion - organizing!

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