In-Home Organizing Services

The process to making your home your sanctuary

Tidy Up by Jess will work with you hands-on to design a customized organizing plan that suits you and your lifestyle. We approach every space uniquely, according to the needs of each client. By using creative solutions, our detail-oriented minds, and extensive organizing knowledge we can create functional spaces for you! Let us help you take control of your life by streamlining the spaces in your home and helping you to de-clutter.

We are experts in all things pantry & kitchen organization, bedroom & bathroom organization, office organization, closet organization, garage organization, kids play area organization and more!


Consultations & Design Sessions

$60 per session

Tidy Up by Jess offers in-home or virtual consultations & design sessions for certain projects, depending on the needs of the client. Before we meet in person (if needed), I will have you send me photos of the spaces we will be working on so I can properly assess them & create recommendations.

At the consult, we will discuss your visions & goals and what solutions we can offer. From here, we create a customized plan for your space, including whether or not we will be purchasing supplementary organizing product. The design session is used to get to know the client's style & collaborate on product ideas that would work for your space. 

The same process is used whether we consult in person or through the phone.

The Organizing Session

$60 / hour

We work with our clients quickly, efficiently & with zero judgment. We can work side-by-side or Tidy Up by Jess can do it solely on our own. No need to finish a large project all in one day; as many sessions as needed can be scheduled, according to your timeline for the project. This is also the step where any purging and de-cluttering of items will happen. 

The hourly rate includes:
-Personalized plan for your project

-Additional time spent shopping for supplies and products [this step will be discussed more thoroughly during the consultation]

-Working with you to decide what to keep, donate or toss

-Designing organizing solutions, systems & layouts

-Arranging for pick-up, selling or donation of items given up

-Communication with you via phone, email, text, or video chat

-Following up after your final sessions to help maintain new organizng systems

-Zero judgement, 100% professional & timely work


Touch Up & Maintenance Services

$60 / hour - packages available

Touch-up & maintenance services are offered for existing clients who have completed projects that need a little refresher. These can be completed on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, based on client needs.

Paperwork Organizing

Say goodbye to paper clutter & hello to managable systems!

Paper clutter is one of the most common household problems & can be the toughest to tackle. That's where our organizing skills come in! Leave it to Tidy Up by Jess to help you sort through, organize, and file:
-kids' school work
-office paperwork
-photos, and more!
We will create a customized solution that suits your specific needs and I will work with you each step of the way.



$60 / hour

Moving is one of the most stressful life events and, we are here to make it go smoother for you and your family. After you have moved in your home & the boxes have been unloaded, we will come in and assess what you have & design a customized organization plan that suits your new home. It is then, that the unpacking process begins and new homes are found in your new home!

Virtual Organizing

Anywhere, anytime. $100 per space

This is the perfect solution for the DIY-er that is already an organized person, but just needs the extra advice & support from an expert.

Whats included from Tidy Up by Jess?

  • Phone call where we will discuss your goals and challenges 

  • Personalized product list

  • Custom organizing plan with systems created just for your space

  • Secret Pinterest inspo board

  • Hand drawn space plans

  • Communication with Tidy Up by Jess as needed during project


We look forward to helping you create a calm & decluttered space you can be proud of, in a 100% judgement free & fun environment!